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Mom with Post-partum Anxiety says, “I feel like myself again!”

I came to David 12 weeks after having my first child.  Along with the joy of having a healthy little boy, I began experiencing post-partum anxiety accompanied by insomnia.  The baby was beginning to sleep through the night, but I was not!  It was becoming increasingly difficult to get through each day on very little sleep.  The lack of sleep

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“Never had such positive results from any other treatments or remedies”

I started coming to David Karlovich in the fall of 2005 for chronic headaches and allergies.

Since then, I have had David treat me for a variety of other ailments: thyroid disease, painful scar tissue, chronic pain on my shoulder from my job, and, most recently, he has begun treating me for a few food allergies.

I have never had

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“He gave me hope when I was hopeless.”

I have had many falls and lifting accidents throughout my adult life.  I love animals and worked with veterinarians and in the pet grooming industry for over 30 years with a lot of lifting of heavy animals.  Over time this resulted in multiple injuries to my low back, hips and knees along with constant severe pain.  I endured the unrelenting

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“For me it truly is a miracle.”

I am a male senior who enjoys hiking, cross-country skiing and working around the house and yard.  A few years ago arthritis in both knees caused me to seek medical help for the pain.  The doctor administered cortisone injections.  After two years of treatment, the shots became ineffective and the pain became debilitating.  I could barely go up or down

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