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Mom with Post-partum Anxiety says, “I feel like myself again!”

I came to David 12 weeks after having my first child.  Along with the joy of having a healthy little boy, I began experiencing post-partum anxiety accompanied by insomnia.  The baby was beginning to sleep through the night, but I was not!  It was becoming increasingly difficult to get through each day on very little sleep.  The lack of sleep also increased the anxiety.  After deciding against medication, I decided to give acupuncture a try.  I am so glad I did!  After only a few sessions, I began feeling much better.  Not only did David perform the acupuncture, he also instructed me on various breathing exercises and relaxation techniques to use at home.  There was an open dialogue at each session and David was always insightful and willing to share his own experiences.  I feel like myself again, and I would recommend David to anyone battling pain, either emotional or physical.

J.L., Sparta, NJ

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