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“For me it truly is a miracle.”

I am a male senior who enjoys hiking, cross-country skiing and working around the house and yard.  A few years ago arthritis in both knees caused me to seek medical help for the pain.  The doctor administered cortisone injections.  After two years of treatment, the shots became ineffective and the pain became debilitating.  I could barely go up or down steps, could not hike anymore and even walking became very difficult.  Not being a good candidate for surgery, I decided to research acupuncture.  I learned there was good success in relieving pain in the knee joints.  My primary doctor suggested I try it.  I had nothing to lose.  At the initial consultation, my questions were answered by David, a caring gentleman with more than twenty years of experience.  I looked forward to my first treatment.  What was it like?  A miracle!  I had no pain in the left knee and very little in the right.  I am able to walk up and down steps with no problem or pain.  For me it truly is a miracle.  I continue to see David twice a month.  I am walking farther and more briskly.  This Winter I plan to go back to cross-country skiing thanks to my skilled acupuncturist, David.

D.P., Roxbury

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