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“He gave me hope when I was hopeless.”

I have had many falls and lifting accidents throughout my adult life.  I love animals and worked with veterinarians and in the pet grooming industry for over 30 years with a lot of lifting of heavy animals.  Over time this resulted in multiple injuries to my low back, hips and knees along with constant severe pain.  I endured the unrelenting pain for too many years while seeing 5 orthopedic doctors and taking a lot of narcotic pain killers.  I became depressed and eventually had to go on permanent medical disability and leave my beloved career behind.  The pain just seemed to go from bad to worse and I could no longer lie down to sleep in bed.  My recliner chair became my best friend.

That’s when I met David, my acupuncturist.  He’s been treating me for a little over a year now and although the pain is not entirely gone, I have had some days without any pain for the first time in years.  In addition, I am able to sleep in bed once again.  I can’t tell you what that alone has done to lift my spirits.  David’s kindness and skillfulness have been real life changers for me.  He gave me hope when I was hopeless and I am so grateful for that.  If you are in pain and thinking about acupuncture, I can’t think of a better person to help you recover your health.  Thank you, David

T.T., Rockaway

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