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“It’s Great to Smell the Roses Again!”

I have suffered from seasonal allergies for almost 20 years. Each year they would progressively get worse- causing severe congestion, sneezing, puffy eyes, headaches, and often a rash. This would continue throughout the spring allergy season, and no pill or home remedy I tried ever really provided relief.

I started seeing David for acupuncture to treat my migraine headaches, and

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“After two and a half months of acupuncture, my frozen shoulder was 100% better!”

After injuring my left shoulder, I had several months of physical therapy. I regained *almost* full usage of my shoulder and continued with physical therapy exercises on my own, but had to stop. Then the shoulder pain got much worse. I saw an orthopedic surgeon and was diagnosed with a frozen shoulder. Before trying a cortisone shot, I wanted to

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“Thanks to David, I’m feeling better than I have in many years and I’m able to be active without pain.”

After years of suffering with severe pain in the neck, back and down my entire right arm, I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis and disc degeneration of my cervical spine.  I had tried chiropractic, massage and had even undergone spinal injections to try to remedy the condition just to get some relief.  Nothing had positive results. As an athlete and body

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” I noticed my tinnitus wasn’t as intense and realized that I felt less anxious.”

I suffered with tinnitus and anxiety about it for a couple of years. I tried all the magic pills and sound machines (to mask the ringing) to no avail.  My doctor told me nothing could be done and that I had to learn to live with it. When I got that bad news my anxiety levels went through the roof.

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