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“Once again, I can fly up a flight of stairs without pain.”

I suffered with severe sciatica for about five years, long enough to believe that I would carry the malady to my grave.  Sleep was not restful because I could only sleep on my back.  Because of the pain, even short walks were difficult after only two blocks.  My legs felt like two tree trunks, heavy and stiff, so I went out as little as possible.

Therapeutic massage and chiropractic treatments provided some relief for a few days at most.  David was recommended to me by my massage therapist.  In as few as 8 or 9 sessions, the extreme pain from my sciatica lessened to an amazing degree.  Sleep was more restful now that I could turn from side to side.  Recently, I was able to walk along a forest trail for two hours with only a brief rest.  Once again, I can fly up a flight of stairs without pain.  There are loads of other changes too numerous to recount here.  Although I may not need to do it, I proactively take several sessions a year with David.  With these fantastic results, I’m not taking any chances!

E.B., Boonton

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