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“Before acupuncture, I would usually have 10-14 excruciating migraines a month.”

For over 30 years, I had suffered with severe debilitating migraines.  I will not use the word “headache” because anyone who has suffered with migraines knows that the whole body is affected.  I was hypersensitive to light and loud sounds along with severe nausea and vomiting.  Not surprisingly, I was also an unpleasant person to be around when I had a migraine.  There was rarely any warning before an attack and frequently I did not know what actually triggered the painful episode.  It was not unusual for me to wake up out of a deep sleep in the early AM with the side of my head throbbing along with all of the other horrible symptoms I mentioned.  Through decades of suffering, I have tried many different medications which in most cases helped, but then I had to endure the nasty side effects that came along with the drugs.  I have tried other complementary therapies including biofeedback and chiropractic, but neither gave me the improvement that I have gotten with acupuncture.

In early 2011, I began acupuncture therapy, first twice weekly and then with decreased frequency with very positive results.  Although the migraines are not completely gone, they have significantly decreased in frequency and intensity.  Before acupuncture, I would usually have 10-14 excruciating migraines a month.  At this time I am blessed to have 3 or less per month.  Also, one of the benefits that I did not anticipate is the very calming effect of acupuncture.  I have begun to re-think many habits and lifestyle patterns.  I am very thankful for acupuncture and the changes it has brought to my life.

Thank you David for everything!

Doreen M., Highland Lakes, N.J.

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