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“The very next day I was able to function again!”

I had a terrible pinched nerve behind my shoulder blade and could not turn my head or use my arm to pick things up for 4 days and it kept getting worse.  I went to David Karlovich at Acupuncture of Morris County and the very next day I was able to function again!  He has a gentle touch with the needles and after he removed them, he manually worked the knotted muscles along my neck and shoulder blade to break up the tension and locked muscles.  His touch was gentle and professional.  He took quite a bit of extra time with me to understand my situation before he treated me and afterward offered suggestions to reduce stress.

His care and services are kind and compassionate.  His new office is immaculately clean and a very calming environment.  His facilities are pristine and supportive of healing.  His decades of experience are evident.  If you need an acupuncturist for pain, sleep problems, pregnancy issues or any mental, physical or emotional problem and you don’t want to pop a pile of pills to mask it – I HIGHLY recommend you visit David!

E.B., Montville

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