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We value our patients' experience at Acupuncture of Morris County. See for yourself, the great success our patients have enjoyed here at Acupuncture of Morris County.

David Karlovich, L.Ac., C.A. and Kayleigh Callan-Kovonuk, L.Ac.

“It’s Great to Smell the Roses Again!”

I have suffered from seasonal allergies for almost 20 years. Each year they would progressively get worse- causing severe congestion, sneezing, puffy eyes, headaches, and often a rash. This would continue throughout the spring allergy season, and no pill or home remedy I tried ever really provided relief.

I started seeing David for acupuncture to treat my migraine headaches, and since that had been so successful, I decided to try it for treating my allergy symptoms as well. I was a bit skeptical at first, as the process seemed a little strange, but I was willing to try anything.

Within 2 – 3 weeks, the results were amazing! Without any medication, (over the counter or prescription), I was free of all symptoms. What a different spring this has been for me! Being able to get outside and smell the roses again is fantastic!

I am so glad I tried acupuncture with David! I would strongly recommend it as treatment for anyone who suffers from allergies and/ or migraine headaches.
~M.G., Dover.

"She has helped me to overcome many scary situations by treating me for anxiety, motion sickness, stress, but mainly my nausea and abdominal pain."
Kayleigh has impacted my life in such an incredible way that I struggle to put it into words. She was more to me than just my acupuncturist; she was my friend, my confidant, my healer, my role model, my person. I trusted her during my time of sickness more than anyone else because I knew she would go to the ends of the earth to help me recover. She was there for me emotionally, mentally and physically every step of my recovery process. She was there to cheer me on when I had taken a step forward and was there to pick me up when I had taken steps backward. She was the person that kept me hopeful that one day I would heal and be able to return to regular life. When I was diagnosed with Gastroparesis, a paralyzed stomach, in February of 2013 I was devastated. I had struggled for 9 months prior to my diagnosis and was continuously told by doctors just to give it time, that I would recover. However as time continued to pass I knew that I needed to do something to try to get my life back, to be able to eat again, to not be scared to leave my house due to my severe abdominal pain and unrelenting nausea. I went to acupuncture looking for a miracle because every other thing I had tried previously had failed me. In all honesty Kayleigh was my miracle. She went above and beyond trying to help me. From the very first moment she met me she did extra research and continually would give me new things to try even outside the acupuncture office. She used many different techniques on me depending on my symptoms and my responses to her treatments. I started acupuncture being extremely skeptical of its results despite the fact that many people had told me fantastic things about it. But from my very first treatment I noticed a change, a small change, but one that was a step in the right direction. The most memorable moment for me was leaving acupuncture and actually being able to eat half a piece of sandwich. Prior to acupuncture I was only eating a few tablespoons of food at a time. To me this was extremely exciting. Kayleigh shared these ups and many of the downs with me throughout a year and a half. She has helped me to overcome many scary situations by treating me for anxiety, motion sickness, stress, but mainly my nausea and abdominal pain. When I first began acupuncture I was so sick that I could not function normally each day. Now I can say that I am doing exceptionally well and without Kayleigh I would not be where I am today. I believe that acupuncture was a vital component in helping me to recover and manage my stomach condition, but Kayleigh is the person who helped to give me my life back. Acupuncture itself is not just about treating a specific symptom; it is about treating the whole person. With her by my side to help me through the good and the bad I was able to recover and I could not have done it without her. - Jillian F., Long Valley

“After two and a half months of acupuncture, my frozen shoulder was 100% better!”

After injuring my left shoulder, I had several months of physical therapy. I regained *almost* full usage of my shoulder and continued with physical therapy exercises on my own, but had to stop. Then the shoulder pain got much worse. I saw an orthopedic surgeon and was diagnosed with a frozen shoulder. Before trying a cortisone shot, I wanted to better understand the alternatives. I recalled how a friend had been helped by David and decided to give acupuncture a try.

When I began the acupuncture I would have been happy just to regain the partial usage of my shoulder that I had after physical therapy. However, to my delight, after 2.5 months of acupuncture treatments with David, my shoulder was 100% better. It has now been over 6 months since David told me that I no longer needed acupuncture treatments and I continue to enjoy full usage of my shoulder. Thank you David!
-K.L., Randolph

"My neck pain, vertigo and lower back pain are all remarkably better."
Kayleigh has been, without a doubt, a godsend. My primary care doctor recommended her to me after no else could help with mt symptoms. (I'm a 78-year-old male...) What were my symptoms/issues? Many- severe tinnitus (ringing in my ear) which worsened over a period of years, while I saw many "specialists". The ENT doctors could do nothing for me. No cure, they said- you have to live with it. The noise was so loud that I couldn't stand it at times- so debilitating and depressing; unable to function at all sometimes. On a scale of 1 to 10- a 10! On top of that problem, I was diagnosed with collapsed cervical disks in my neck, causing pain to radiate into neck, back, and shoulders. Again, doctors and physical therapists they referred me to were unable to help. I could not function well- always having to use ice packs to ease the pain. And some disc problems in my lower back- collapsed disc and ruptured disc caused pain. I also was suffering from some sort of vertigo (probably form combination of my issues, more doctors thought, but couldn't help me) So, I started to see Kayleigh in February 2017. She was upfront with me, telling me that my issue were treatable, but it would take some time to start to see improvement. Fine, I said- if you can help, I'll wait it out. After about 5-6 (acupuncture) appointments with her, something truly amazing happened! The constant noise in my ear lessened! I mean for the first time in a long while, the noise (sound an pitch) went down! It didn't last too long, but I was hopeful- my wife and I were hopeful. Next appointment, I told Kayleigh- she was also happy, glad I waited for an improvement. Over the next few months, I saw great improvement- overall. My neck pain, vertigo and lower back pain are all remarkably better. I am outside doing yard work as I did years ago (and still enjoy) to my amazement. The tinnitus has gone down- it varies in sound and pitch, but sometimes I can't hear it! Other times, it is down to a tolerable noise. Every morning (because I do toss and turn every night), the sound is a 10; but with a little heat on my neck for an hour or two, it goes down to a 4-6. Something I can live with. I want to thank you, Kayleigh, for all you have done. - Jack F., Newton

“Thanks to David, I’m feeling better than I have in many years and I’m able to be active without pain.”

After years of suffering with severe pain in the neck, back and down my entire right arm, I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis and disc degeneration of my cervical spine. I had tried chiropractic, massage and had even undergone spinal injections to try to remedy the condition just to get some relief. Nothing had positive results. As an athlete and body builder, this constant nagging pain not only made being active very difficult, but day to day activities were also a constant struggle.

After trying so many other therapies without success, I knew that I had to look elsewhere. After some research, I decided to try Acupuncture of Morris County. I spoke with their director, David Karlovich, about my problems. He listened, asked some questions and without making promises, told me that he felt confident about helping me to find relief from the constant pain.

During my consultation with David, I felt completely at ease by his relaxed manner and his willingness to really listen to my concerns about my condition. His pleasant demeanor, vast knowledge of healing methods and reassuring nature made me actually look forward to having needles put in my body. By the way, they really don’t hurt. What did hurt was years of pain, but not for long.

After the first session, the constant aching I’d felt for what seemed forever was different. It seemed less intense and less oppressive in nature. I continued treatment with David and each session brought a greater level of relief. I was never skeptical, but I was indeed surprised at how much relief I got in the first few treatments I received.

David always ensures my complete comfort during and after treatment with calls or emails to check to see I’m feeling well and seeing improvement. Thanks to David, I’m feeling better than I have in many years and I am able to be active without pain. As other pain related issues came up from my training, he was always able to eliminate the pain.

I have recommended David to many friends and colleagues who I thought may benefit from acupuncture and I am always looking forward to my next treatment to help keep my body in balance. David is fantastic as an acupuncturist and as a friend.
-W.C., Ledgewood, NJ

” I noticed my tinnitus wasn’t as intense and realized that I felt less anxious.”

I suffered with tinnitus and anxiety about it for a couple of years. I tried all the magic pills and sound machines (to mask the ringing) to no avail. My doctor told me nothing could be done and that I had to learn to live with it. When I got that bad news my anxiety levels went through the roof. The online forums on tinnitus didn’t help matters with their less than rosy outlook on the condition.

Then one day I read how acupuncture might help. I started looking for acupuncturists on the internet and I found Acupuncture of Morris County and David Karlovich. I was skeptical at first but I figured I had nothing to lose. I met with David and he explained the general theory of acupuncture and how it might help me. David didn’t make any guarantees but he felt confident he could help me and I got a sense that he really cared and was very passionate about helping me so I decided to give it a try.

I started my twice a week treatments and about a month later I noticed my tinnitus wasn’t as intense and realized that I felt less anxious with an enhanced sense of overall well-being. After 12 treatments I realized I no longer needed treatment. My tinnitus had diminished significantly to the point where there are days that I don’t even notice it. I have to concentrate on it to hear it.

As far as anxiety, I feel better today than I did before I had tinnitus. As David said my tinnitus might have been a blessing in disguise. David not only gave me my life back he made it better than ever.

David is very caring, he takes the time to talk with you and more importantly he listens to what you have to say. He goes above and beyond what I expected from him. After treatments David would email or call me to see how I felt. I not only consider David my acupuncturist I consider him a friend.
-D.S., North Haledon

After having had only six sessions with David, I am completely pain-free and ready to return to playing golf!

After playing a lot of golf in Florida this past winter, I suffered from “tennis elbow” of my left arm, which, unfortunately, has “cramped my style” and also has prevented me from playing golf this spring and summer. Apparently, “tennis elbow” isn’t just an overuse injury caused by playing tennis; it’s common to golfers, and it involves strained inflamed outer elbow tendons. Upon my return to NJ, basic arm movements such as being able to wring out a towel or picking up anything as light as a soup can were very painful.

Initially, resting my elbow and applying ice to reduce the inflammation became standard for me, and after seeing my orthopedist, I began a regimen of physical therapy three times a week for six weeks. The orthopedist cautioned that my injury often takes a year to heal irrespective of rest and physical therapy, which was not exactly what I wanted to hear. Since I do not tolerate cortisone internally, having a shot wasn’t an option. So, off to PT I went in the hope that I’d find the magic cure. The techniques employed by the physical therapist included: application of heat, deep muscle massage and wrist stretches, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, and ice. Furthermore, to accelerate the healing process my physical therapist recommended that during the day I wear an immobilizing wrist brace that would apply some compression to my arm’s muscles and irritated tendons. Upon completion of six weeks of PT with a therapist whom I highly regard, my injury was slightly improved but I was still in considerable pain.

Frustrated by hitting a plateau in which I still continued to feel sharp stabs and was limited by the tennis elbow condition, I opted to try acupuncture since I felt I had nothing to lose except the continual pain. After researching local acupuncturists, I decided on David Karlovich. I am pleased to report that after having had only six sessions with David, I am completely pain-free and ready to return to playing golf!

David knows what he is doing, and I am impressed with his both his knowledge of this natural therapy and his professionalism. He explained how the thin sterile needles stimulate a healing response, about energy flow, and he’s very attentive–he listens well to information about your symptoms and pain, and he answers questions you have. I find his demeanor to be very calm and reassuring, and I feel that David and his staff are extremely accommodating.

Coming for acupuncture was actually a lovely relaxing experience for me. As a matter of fact, in one of our sessions, David not only worked on my elbow but also on my left hip, and his needles ended what pain I had there. Each session certainly left me less stressed and a whole lot more relaxed than when I walked in the door.

That David’s acupuncture provided me with pain relief when other methods didn’t work makes me a firm believer in the benefits of acupuncture. Offered in conjunction with Western medicine, I’m convinced that acupuncture is an integral part of health care and needs to be accepted as such. Thank you, David!
-S.S., Newton

“I no longer have Restless Leg Syndrome.”

For many years, I suffered with pain on the bottoms of my feet and Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS). I could not keep my feet still and had a very hard time sleeping through the night due to the pain. I tried pillow props, pain medication and soaking my feet in hot water. But nothing lasted.

Then I tried Acupuncture. My first meeting with David was calming and informative. After the very first session, I could already “feel” the difference. By the way the needles do not hurt. David has a gentle touch and seems to be in tune with your needs all the while you are there.

Thanks to David, I no longer have RLS. The pain in my feet is bearable so I occasionally get a “tune up.” Because of my very positive experience, I am a believer in Acupuncture and recommend it to anyone who is dealing with pain.
-S.V., Flanders

“By the third session, all of my pain was gone.”

I showed up at David’s office hoping for relief from severe neck pain with very limited movement. During the consultation I became optimistic that I could be helped. What I didn’t expect was that David could also help me with some other chronic conditions namely a painful arthritic wrist and a trigger finger that couldn’t be fully bent. Being a professional guitarist, that was joy to my ears. I was thinking we could deal with the neck first and then the other problems, but David was able to treat all of them at the same time.

By the end of the first treatment, I felt relief and by the end of the second treatment, I was amazed at how much better I felt. By the third session, all of my pain was gone and I could fully flex my “bad” finger.

Besides my obvious gratitude to David over having vastly improved my quality of life, his demeanor and calming manner made me feel that I had made a new friend. I can sincerely recommend David Karlovich to anyone in pain, no matter what their problem may be.
-S.M., Rockaway

“Before acupuncture, I would usually have 10-14 excruciating migraines a month.”

For over 30 years, I had suffered with severe debilitating migraines. I will not use the word “headache” because anyone who has suffered with migraines knows that the whole body is affected. I was hypersensitive to light and loud sounds along with severe nausea and vomiting. Not surprisingly, I was also an unpleasant person to be around when I had a migraine. There was rarely any warning before an attack and frequently I did not know what actually triggered the painful episode. It was not unusual for me to wake up out of a deep sleep in the early AM with the side of my head throbbing along with all of the other horrible symptoms I mentioned. Through decades of suffering, I have tried many different medications which in most cases helped, but then I had to endure the nasty side effects that came along with the drugs. I have tried other complementary therapies including biofeedback and chiropractic, but neither gave me the improvement that I have gotten with acupuncture.

In early 2011, I began acupuncture therapy, first twice weekly and then with decreased frequency with very positive results. Although the migraines are not completely gone, they have significantly decreased in frequency and intensity. Before acupuncture, I would usually have 10-14 excruciating migraines a month. At this time I am blessed to have 3 or less per month. Also, one of the benefits that I did not anticipate is the very calming effect of acupuncture. I have begun to re-think many habits and lifestyle patterns. I am very thankful for acupuncture and the changes it has brought to my life.

Thank you David for everything!
-Doreen M., Highland Lakes, N.J.

Mom with Post-partum Anxiety says, “I feel like myself again!”

I came to David 12 weeks after having my first child. Along with the joy of having a healthy little boy, I began experiencing post-partum anxiety accompanied by insomnia. The baby was beginning to sleep through the night, but I was not! It was becoming increasingly difficult to get through each day on very little sleep. The lack of sleep also increased the anxiety. After deciding against medication, I decided to give acupuncture a try. I am so glad I did! After only a few sessions, I began feeling much better. Not only did David perform the acupuncture, he also instructed me on various breathing exercises and relaxation techniques to use at home. There was an open dialogue at each session and David was always insightful and willing to share his own experiences. I feel like myself again, and I would recommend David to anyone battling pain, either emotional or physical.
J.L., Sparta, NJ

“Never had such positive results from any other treatments or remedies”

I started coming to David Karlovich in the fall of 2005 for chronic headaches and allergies.

Since then, I have had David treat me for a variety of other ailments: thyroid disease, painful scar tissue, chronic pain on my shoulder from my job, and, most recently, he has begun treating me for a few food allergies.

I have never had such positive results from any other treatments or remedies, especially for the headaches which have all but stopped. My thyroiditis is gone and I am not on any medications at all with the exception of the occasional ibuprofen.

I owe much of my improvement to David directly, but also credit the staff for being so upbeat and helpful.

Thank you for a very positive introduction to acupuncture. I plan to continue using it for maintenance and preventive care.
-N.V., Parsippany

“He gave me hope when I was hopeless.”

I have had many falls and lifting accidents throughout my adult life. I love animals and worked with veterinarians and in the pet grooming industry for over 30 years with a lot of lifting of heavy animals. Over time this resulted in multiple injuries to my low back, hips and knees along with constant severe pain. I endured the unrelenting pain for too many years while seeing 5 orthopedic doctors and taking a lot of narcotic pain killers. I became depressed and eventually had to go on permanent medical disability and leave my beloved career behind. The pain just seemed to go from bad to worse and I could no longer lie down to sleep in bed. My recliner chair became my best friend.

That’s when I met David, my acupuncturist. He’s been treating me for a little over a year now and although the pain is not entirely gone, I have had some days without any pain for the first time in years. In addition, I am able to sleep in bed once again. I can’t tell you what that alone has done to lift my spirits. David’s kindness and skillfulness have been real life changers for me. He gave me hope when I was hopeless and I am so grateful for that. If you are in pain and thinking about acupuncture, I can’t think of a better person to help you recover your health. Thank you, David
-T.T., Rockaway

“For me it truly is a miracle.”

I am a male senior who enjoys hiking, cross-country skiing and working around the house and yard. A few years ago arthritis in both knees caused me to seek medical help for the pain. The doctor administered cortisone injections. After two years of treatment, the shots became ineffective and the pain became debilitating. I could barely go up or down steps, could not hike anymore and even walking became very difficult. Not being a good candidate for surgery, I decided to research acupuncture. I learned there was good success in relieving pain in the knee joints. My primary doctor suggested I try it. I had nothing to lose. At the initial consultation, my questions were answered by David, a caring gentleman with more than twenty years of experience. I looked forward to my first treatment. What was it like? A miracle! I had no pain in the left knee and very little in the right. I am able to walk up and down steps with no problem or pain. For me it truly is a miracle. I continue to see David twice a month. I am walking farther and more briskly. This Winter I plan to go back to cross-country skiing thanks to my skilled acupuncturist, David.
-D.P., Roxbury

“Once again, I can fly up a flight of stairs without pain.”

I suffered with severe sciatica for about five years, long enough to believe that I would carry the malady to my grave. Sleep was not restful because I could only sleep on my back. Because of the pain, even short walks were difficult after only two blocks. My legs felt like two tree trunks, heavy and stiff, so I went out as little as possible.

Therapeutic massage and chiropractic treatments provided some relief for a few days at most. David was recommended to me by my massage therapist. In as few as 8 or 9 sessions, the extreme pain from my sciatica lessened to an amazing degree. Sleep was more restful now that I could turn from side to side. Recently, I was able to walk along a forest trail for two hours with only a brief rest. Once again, I can fly up a flight of stairs without pain. There are loads of other changes too numerous to recount here. Although I may not need to do it, I proactively take several sessions a year with David. With these fantastic results, I’m not taking any chances!
-E.B., Boonton

"Weekly treatment for 3 months brought me to a pain-free state."

I have been practicing dentistry for over 30 years and it has taken a toll on my left hand. There was constant pain and some days it was almost unbearable. A friend recommended acupuncture with Kayleigh Callan, and I was willing to try this ancient method of pain relief. During our initial consultation, I explained the pain, along with reduced strength and range of motion in that hand. Kayleigh listened and explained how she would treat my problem. After only one session, I experienced some relief of my symptoms. Weekly treatment for 3 months brought me to a pain-free state where I could touch my thumb to my pinky and actually snap my fingers again! I continue to see Kayleigh twice a month to maintain the health of my hand as well as my entire well-being. Acupuncture with Kayleigh helps manage my stress levels and improves my sleep. She has also cleared up spider veins in my ankles. I find her easy to talk to and extremely professional. It is without reservation that I recommend Kayleigh Callan, Licensed Acupuncturist. She has made a huge difference in my overall quality of life. - Jim A., Branchville

I am a 65 year old woman who spent the last 4 years in an electric wheelchair due to severe Degenerative Disk Disease, MS and Rheumatoid Arthritis. I needed help with all activities of daily living and could not even put on my own socks. I was bed-bound with constant pain, spasm and numbness in my lower back and legs. My MS was so bad that I didn’t care if I lived or died. After having 5 major back surgeries in the past 5 years, my doctors told me that there was nothing more they could do for me and that I should just go for pain therapy. However, I can’t take narcotics because they make me sick. I struggled to find an answer and prayed for help. I started acupuncture with limited expectations, just hoping for some pain relief. After only 2 treatments I was delighted to find that I could stand and walk a few feet and after 12 treatments I am walking a ½ mile a day without pain. I have put my electric wheelchair away and have not needed as much as a Tylenol since the acupuncture treatments. Not only is my back pain-free, my MS seems to be in remission and the pain from my Rheumatoid Arthritis has disappeared. My Rheumatologist asked for David’s information so he can direct other patients to him.

Thank you David for giving me back my life!
-M.L., Succasunna

“The very next day I was able to function again!”

I had a terrible pinched nerve behind my shoulder blade and could not turn my head or use my arm to pick things up for 4 days and it kept getting worse. I went to David Karlovich at Acupuncture of Morris County and the very next day I was able to function again! He has a gentle touch with the needles and after he removed them, he manually worked the knotted muscles along my neck and shoulder blade to break up the tension and locked muscles. His touch was gentle and professional. He took quite a bit of extra time with me to understand my situation before he treated me and afterward offered suggestions to reduce stress.

His care and services are kind and compassionate. His new office is immaculately clean and a very calming environment. His facilities are pristine and supportive of healing. His decades of experience are evident. If you need an acupuncturist for pain, sleep problems, pregnancy issues or any mental, physical or emotional problem and you don’t want to pop a pile of pills to mask it – I HIGHLY recommend you visit David!
-E.B., Montville

"It’s actually difficult to remember all the cures I’ve received from Kayleigh Callan, LAc -acupuncturist extraordinaire!"

I’ve been seeing her for over a year and a half because my husband had such great results. I am a 61-year- old physically active woman; I thought my body was just wearing down and there wasn’t much I could do about it. My main complaints involved my stiff, sore neck and shoulders. I could not move my head more than 45 degrees so looking over my shoulder meant awkwardly moving my upper body. After only a month of weekly treatments, my range of motion was drastically improved and the pain was gone. I also had pain in my elbow that I lived with all day and would wake me up at night. When I told Kayleigh about it, she went to work on her next miracle cure. It is so completely gone that I have to be reminded which arm used to hurt me! A very sore wrist is now almost completely pain free. As you can read in Kayleigh’s professional bio, she specializes in orthopedics but her acupuncture practice goes well beyond that area. In addition to fixing my aches and pains, Kayleigh Callan routinely takes stock of my entire condition at each visit. Not one to usually complain, I have come to understand that she needs to know what is going on in my life and body and so I tell all – and she works on improving the situation at hand. Sleep problems, stress problems, digestion are discussed and addressed with professionalism and a very caring nature. She has even improved a “balding” eyebrow!! Her understanding of how the body works in such an interconnected way is amazing and effective. I am a true fan of Kayleigh Callan and her practice of certified acupuncture. I urge anyone who experiencing medical or emotional symptoms to seek her out. You won’t be disappointed. - Debbie A., Branchville

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