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No Matter What!
Part I.
What You Can Do To Live Happier and Longer.
I won’t beat around the bush here. We all know the life extending advice about diet and exercise and likely struggle with both of them. There is something else that you can do to not only add more years to your life, but massively increase your happiness quotient at the same time.
Reduce stress.
Right about now, you might be saying something like,”Well, that’s great. As if I didn’t already know that one. But, really, there’s nothing I can do about that.” On the contrary, there is and it is not nearly as difficult as you might think. It has certainly been easier to do in my life than exercise or dieting. It is a real difference maker. Before we go into this wonderful thing I am talking about, it will do some good to look at the bad side of stress.
Stress is like a cancer. It appears to be everywhere around us – all of the people, events and situations beyond our control that freak us out. But a closer look reveals that stress is really inside of us and it is more like a cancer of the mind. And, like a cancer, it can metastasize into every corner of our lives harming our health, relationships, our careers and finances.There are many studies out there demonstrating the devastating effects of stress on our health both physically and mentally.
According to the popular medical website, WebMD, “75-90% of all doctor’s office visits are for stress-related ailments and complaints.” Stress can play a part in problems such headaches, high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, skin conditions, asthma, arthritis, digestive issues, insomnia, depression and anxiety.
Where cancer itself is concerned, “Stress has a profound impact on how your body’s systems function,” says Lorenzo Cohen, Ph.D., professor of General Oncology and Behavioral Science, and director of the Integrative Medicine Program at MD Anderson. Simply put, “stress makes your body more hospitable to cancer,” according to Cohen.¹
It is plain to see that stress is one of the darkest forces in our lives. And it certainly trashes our happiness. And, like cancer, we fear it. Ironically, it is our very fear of stress that empowers it. Stress feeds upon our deepest fears and leaves us feeling drained and apprehensive about our future. This fear of something that has yet to happen we call worry.
Worry is the most common form of stress. In its more extreme form, worry becomes anxiety which can lead to despair and hopelessness. When our anxiety gets to be too much for us to bear we take pills for it. Of course, we often take other measures to soothe the savage beast within, mostly through behaviors of avoidance and distraction. Because we lack the tools to deal with our fears, we seek diversions that can be either positive in their own right or downright harmful. We may exercise like crazy trying to boost our health and self-image or fall into the trap of debilitating drug or alcohol addictions. 
Maybe your life feels like a never-ending emotional roller coaster. But, unlike the amusement park ride, there is nothing amusing about stress. Believe me, I know. For the first fifty some odd years of my life (and, yes, they were very odd at times), I was frequently consumed by bouts of depression, anxiety and panic attacks. Life can be tough and you, no doubt, have suffered your own share of miseries. But let’s not play violin strings for each other. There is no profit in that.
Instead, I would like to show you a way to move beyond your suffering if you are ready to do that. Many people think they are, but unfortunately, they really aren’t either because there is some hidden advantage in their pain or they are just too lazy to help themselves. For some, even positive change is scary. I hope you are ready to break free from fear no matter what has happened to you in your past. Because when you stay fixated on the rear-view mirror driving forward in life, you are bound to crash.
I am tremendously grateful that I was finally able to shed a lifetime of self-abusive habits like judging, complaining, anger when things didn’t go my way and, of course, tons of worry. As I write this, I am filled with gratitude that I have been freed from those shackles of fear and worry that kept me bound to a somewhat timid, limited and unfulfilled life. It is in the spirit of wanting to share my good fortune with others that I invite you to try this exercise I will be offering you. It is a very powerful technique that will enrich your life and can even multiple your blessings in ways you cannot foresee, but will delight in as they appear. 
Frankly, I used to find the idea of gratitude practices a bit shallow. They seemed rote, artificial and somewhat mechanical like I was just reading from a to do list of things to be thankful for. The practices I read about did not resonate with me in a way that I could embrace them on a regular basis. The idea of gratitude made sense, but the practices did not. But that changed when I was exploring different ways to help my acupuncture patients deal with insomnia. I, too, had suffered with difficulty falling asleep at various times in my life, but certainly not since my inner life turned around in my fifties.
This thing I want to share with you is called “A Gratitude-Filled Life”. I have only recently developed it and am still learning just how deeply it can impact my life in incredibly positive ways. It brings me into a presence practice in a way that tickles my Heart and grows my love of life each and every day. It is like the answer to a prayer that I had a long time ago. It deepens the already profound results of my Less Stress Life practices. 
One of the important components of a happy life in Chinese energetic medicine resides in your ability to have a healthy Shen or spirit. This gratitude filled practice will undoubtedly strengthen your spirit and balance your Shen so that you feel more alive and a whole lot less stressed.
There is so much to know about how our minds work . But, as to the complexity of neural pathways and the great mystery of consciousness itself, I leave that to the scientists and philosophers. What I am pointing at is much simpler. It also has immediate applicability on a daily basis in your search for happiness and fulfillment. It is the power of your Heart. And what an amazing healing power it is!
This is one of many methods that I teach in my Less Stress Life coaching practice to help my clients not only find relief from stress, worry and fear, but to create a major transformation in both mind and Heart. To work so hard at your life like I am sure you do and not fully enjoy it is, well,  a crime. I want for you what I believe you want for you. I want you to live a largely stress-free life where you can live, laugh and love more freely. Don’t you think you deserve that after all that you’ve been through up to this point? Live, laugh and love more freely. Sounds good to me. Are you in? 
I am glad that you decided to explore this exercise to get a taste of the freedom that you so richly deserve. But, before we continue, there are some things that I want to highlight to help you make the most of your new gratitude-filled life.
First and above all else, be kind to yourself. One of the things that holds us back from fully enjoying ourselves is that we are so damn hard on ourselves. We criticize and judge everything from our looks to our accomplishments. We always seem to fall short of our expectations as if we are trying to please a harsh and overbearing boss. I often point out to my clients that if they talked to their friends the way they talk to themselves, they would have few, if any, friends left by now. So please try to be more kind, patient and tolerant of yourself. You were not put here to avoid mistakes, but to learn from them. And there is no such thing as a perfect human being so give that up and get on with your life with good intention and kindness for yourself. 
Next, as with anything you pursue with a mind towards success, you must be consistent with your efforts. Think of this exercise  as spiritual nutrition. It only benefits you when you use it. We get out of our lives what we put into them. And, referencing the previous caveat to be kind to yourself, don’t use this as one more reason to beat yourself up when you forget to do it. The act of remembering to be kind to yourself is a personal act of healing.
This brings us to the end of Part I of A Surefire Way To Beat  Stress. Please stay tuned for Part II. If you have any question about honest-to-goodness, no fluff and no fillers stress reduction, please feel free to contact me at the email address below. 
May you life be filled with loving and laughter!


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Testimonials From Satisfied Clients of
the Solution Oriented, Worry-Free Coaching



Panic Attacks Banished:

I suffered for years with panic attacks that only got worse over time. Years of therapy and medications were only band-aids that proved ineffective and I was soon spiraling out of control. A more natural approach that included homeopathy, herbs and vitamins did not help. Next, the path to enlightenment with books, CDs, DVDs and classes increased my understanding, but I was still desperate for an actual solution.

Each morning, I would be jolted out of bed with a panic attack and suffered milder “aftershocks” during the day, while trying to hold it together at work and with family and friends. By the time evening came, I was exhausted, crawled into bed and prayed it would all end. I learned to suffer silently.

Although I originally worked with David Karlovich on medical issues, the topic of panic attacks eventually came up. It was such a private shame that I had never told a soul other than my therapist. I was so embarrassed not only to admit that I suffered but had spent countless years and thousands of dollars with nothing to show for it.

David was extremely kind and empathetic. He introduced me to the Worry-Free Life. After one personalized session, I knew I had found the solution to my endless suffering and had begun to reclaim my peace and happiness. Eventually, as I continued to work with the Option, the panic attacks came less and less frequently. And now I know that panic attacks have no power over me. Thank you David for giving my life back to me! I am forever grateful.  – June R.


From a Happy Couple:

This is an example of how bad it was for me before I came to David for guidance with the Worry-Free Option. I would end my weekends by lying in bed on Sunday nights gathering all my worries and fears together in preparation to carry them with me all week. I worried incessantly about all of the things that could go wrong when I could have been sleeping instead. That was my sad weekly ritual.

Now that David has coached me in the Worry-Free Life, I no longer need to strap on the heavy burden of stress that I used to carry on my back all day long. David was right. Worry is worse than useless and I feel so relieved to have been able to set that burden down. Thank you, David.  – Nathan B.

I’m so grateful that I suggested to my husband that he try to manage his stress with the help of the Worry-Free Option. Now with the keys to the process in hand, my husband and I have more quality time together and less time wasted on worries that had grown out of control and sometimes became a wedge between us. Before learning the Option, it was as if fear was Nathan’s chauffeur and took him where he pleased. Since coaching with you, Nathan is back in the driver’s seat of his life and I am so thankful for that and your help, David. – Marie B.


From a Family Man, Restauranteur:

This simple method, the Worry-Free Option, has changed my life. I have found calmness and peace within in a way I never had before. This is coming from a guy in his thirties that meditates daily and was still on blood pressure medication. Maybe it had to do with being a restauranteur juggling 3 busy restaurants and a family. After working with the Worry Free Option for one year I am free from all medication and have never felt this calm in my entire life! I am so grateful for David and his Worry-Free Life Coaching. I highly recommend it to anyone with stress and worry in their lives. And it really is simple to learn and apply. – Stan G.



David Karlovich has spent the better part of his sixty plus years looking for a happier, less stressful life. He took up meditation and martial arts at an early age in search of ancient wisdom and solutions to why he never felt comfortable in his own skin. His journey took him from monasteries in the Far East to deep within his own psyche. Although he liked to project a calm outer demeanor, David lived a secret inner life filled with worries, anxiety, depression, panic attacks and boat loads of anger.

Despite countless dead-ends along his spiritual journey, he persisted in his decades-long search while spending a small fortune on books, cassette tapes, CDs, videos, seminars, online courses and more. Finally, in his mid-fifties, real answers started showing up in his meditations. He was compelled to write down this wisdom, investigate it, apply it and live it.

Over the years that followed, the precious pieces came together and the Worry-Free Option was born. Although simple in its basic philosophy, David has come to appreciate just how deep this system really goes. It quiets the mind and soothes the Heart. He feels incredibly blessed and is grateful to have dropped the unnecessary burden of stress from his life and encourages you to do the same.

Knowing just how powerful and liberating the Option is, he is on a mission to share it with as many people as possible in the hopes of contributing to a more sane society person by person.

David Karlovich, C.A., L.Ac.
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