“Weekly treatment for 3 months brought me to a pain-free state.”

I have been practicing dentistry for over 30 years and it has taken a toll on my left hand. There was constant pain and some days it was almost unbearable. A friend recommended acupuncture with Kayleigh Callan, and I was willing to try this ancient method of pain relief. During our initial consultation, I explained the pain, along with reduced strength and range of motion in that hand. Kayleigh listened and explained how she would treat my problem. After only one session, I experienced some relief of my symptoms. Weekly treatment for 3 months brought me to a pain-free state where I could touch my thumb to my pinky and actually snap my fingers again! I continue to see Kayleigh twice a month to maintain the health of my hand as well as my entire well-being. Acupuncture with Kayleigh helps manage my stress levels and improves my sleep. She has also cleared up spider veins in my ankles. I find her easy to talk to and extremely professional. It is without reservation that I recommend Kayleigh Callan, Licensed Acupuncturist. She has made a huge difference in my overall quality of life. – Jim A., Branchville

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