“It’s actually difficult to remember all the cures I’ve received from Kayleigh Callan, LAc -acupuncturist extraordinaire!”

I’ve been seeing her for over a year and a half because my husband had such great results. I am a 61-year- old physically active woman; I thought my body was just wearing down and there wasn’t much I could do about it. My main complaints involved my stiff, sore neck and shoulders. I could not move my head more than 45 degrees so looking over my shoulder meant awkwardly moving my upper body. After only a month of weekly treatments, my range of motion was drastically improved and the pain was gone. I also had pain in my elbow that I lived with all day and would wake me up at night. When I told Kayleigh about it, she went to work on her next miracle cure. It is so completely gone that I have to be reminded which arm used to hurt me! A very sore wrist is now almost completely pain free. As you can read in Kayleigh’s professional bio, she specializes in orthopedics but her acupuncture practice goes well beyond that area. In addition to fixing my aches and pains, Kayleigh Callan routinely takes stock of my entire condition at each visit. Not one to usually complain, I have come to understand that she needs to know what is going on in my life and body and so I tell all – and she works on improving the situation at hand. Sleep problems, stress problems, digestion are discussed and addressed with professionalism and a very caring nature. She has even improved a “balding” eyebrow!! Her understanding of how the body works in such an interconnected way is amazing and effective. I am a true fan of Kayleigh Callan and her practice of certified acupuncture. I urge anyone who experiencing medical or emotional symptoms to seek her out. You won’t be disappointed. – Debbie A., Branchville

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