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David Karlovich, L.Ac.

My own involvement with acupuncture came about as a result of years of trying different methods to address an often debilitating back problem that began in my teens. At that age, the pain was not only frustrating, but embarrassing. In those days, before ATMs and mobile check depositing, I could not even stand in line at the bank to cash my paycheck due to the intense pain. Although many therapies offered temporary relief, it was acupuncture that made the most significant impact on my health. It provided the deepest and most lasting relief for my back pain. With those amazing results, I knew I had to learn this great art and share it with as many people suffering with chronic pain as I possibly could. The silver lining of my experience with such severe back pain is that I have also learned many adjunctive modalities that I can offer to my patients to help them relieve their own pain more quickly.

Helping people move beyond the pain and suffering that is the unfortunate lot of so many of us human beings is my passion and my reason for living. I feel truly blessed to have had the privilege of helping countless people do just that in over twenty seven years as an acupuncturist.

I graduated from the Tri-State Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine in New York City in 1991 and later held the position of Clinic Director at the Eastern School of Acupuncture in Montclair, New Jersey. For the past seventeen years I have also been helping patients reduce and eliminate their allergies (environmental, food, animal, etc.) utilizing the NAET system.

My study of Asian medicine began in the early 1970s along with the study of Tai Chi, Qi Gong and other Asian martial art and healing systems. I was fortunate that one of my Tai Chi masters introduced me to acupuncture way back in 1975. The rest, as they say, is history.

Having travelled extensively throughout Southeast Asia in the 1980s, I was able to study both meditation and healing techniques which have greatly informed my current practice. Because true, deep and lasting healing benefits from more than just outside intervention, I am always more than happy to share these time-honored teachings with my patients to enrich their health, happiness and longevity.

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